Railway Fire Protection

Increase your grinding time and save money.

At Wilderness, we offer a novel approach to railway fire protection efforts across North America. With our state-of-the-art technology and more storage than standard trucks, we increase the efficient use of truck and track time. And because our storage tanks drain fully leaving no water to freeze overnight, our reliable equipment can operate in all conditions—from freezing cold winters in northern Canada to scorching hot summers in the southern U.S.—extending your fire grinding season.


We’re the most reliable choice for you because we:

  • Employ highly trained, fully credentialed forest fire fighters and treat them well
  • Offer better fire containment and fewer fire escapes
  • Increase grinding uptime
  • Continually invest in new equipment to meet your needs
  • Utilize GPS-based mapping products to track every location
  • Provide you with real-time information for your reporting requirements
  • Pride ourselves on our honest, responsive management style

In addition, we can utilize our technology to map hot spots for follow-up (e.g., flares from grinding that may have escaped underground) and provide you with peace-of-mind.

With Wilderness exceeding your fire protection requirements, you can better meet stakeholder needs by managing the business at a fair price. It’s a win: win situation. Maintaining long-term rail customers keeps our company strong and competitive, as well.



For information on a cost-effective, rail fire protection program that will suit your needs, please contact William Tomlinson at (913) 424-8620 .

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